Roses Are Pretty, but an Entire Bouquet of Oreos Is DeLICIOUS

You really can't put a price on love, but if I had to, I'd say it's around $72, which just so happens to be the price of my dream Valentine's Day gift. Every once in a while, an over-the-top gift catches my eye, and it may go without saying, but it's even better when it's edible. When Walmart debuted its Reese's bouquet for Valentine's Day last month, I was into it, but after seeing the store's latest sweet bouquet, I took out my credit card and started celebrating the day of love a bit earlier than planned.

Oreo-lovers, prepare to lose your minds over the All Oreo Lovers Cookie Bouquet ($72) from Walmart. This bundle of deliciousness features 19 large packs of Oreos and festive bows. Sure, I'll always love flowers for Valentine's Day, but can roses really be considered a "gift" if you have to take care of them? Well, I'll be "taking care of" this Oreo monstrosity one pack of cookies at a time.