The Latest Release From Oreo's Wonder Vault Is . . . Cool

Oreo and Milka have teamed up again for a new flavor: Oreo Mint Flavored Chocolate Candy Bars. The milk chocolate bar, which comes in regular size ($1) and king size ($2), enrobes an Oreo mint-creme filling (made from hazelnuts!). Interestingly, Oreo dropped the standard American chocolate bar shape and went for the European pillow-shaped chocolate. It makes for easy snapping and sharing, plus each piece is heavy on the milk chocolate and Oreo crumbles. Instagram user junkbanter found the bars at WaWa (although Oreo says they are available nationwide), and said, "It's a mellow mint that doesn't overpower, which is great because it highlights their high-quality milk chocolate too. Creamy chocolate and smooth mint blend seamlessly, right down the middle for balance." That rave review is enough to send us flocking to the store!