The Pioneer Woman Is Launching a New Cookbook, and She Wants You to Help Name It!

Ree Drummond is launching a new cookbook, and she wants her fans to help name it! In a blog post published on March 2 called Help Me Name My New Cookbook, The Pioneer Woman explained that she's been so busy with the launch of her Mercantile Shop and Deli, but that she has also been working on a new cookbook, set to be out this Fall. The only catch? She can't decide what to name it.

"I absolutely, positively cannot decide on a title for my new cookbook. So because you've been with me through thick and thin . . . Will you please help me figure it out?" Ree wrote in her post. Not only is it exciting that fans can get in on the action by weighing in, but the cookbook is also focused on some of our favorite things, like weeknight-friendly dinners for the busy cook. Ree said, "The cookbook is all about taking it easy on yourself when it comes to cooking, and is geared for those of us (most of us!) who don't have two hours (or sometimes, even one hour!) to cook a meal. Recipes include sheet pan suppers, slow-cooker soups, make-ahead meal kits, lunches on the go, clever breakfast ideas, super snappy appetizers, and more fun stuff." No fancy souffles on The Pioneer Woman's watch — this cookbook will allow you to cook the same types of family-friendly meals she makes on the ranch.

Head over to Ree Drummond's cookbook blog post to vote on the name for yourself, from Taking It Easy to Recipes For a Crazy-Busy Life.