Prince Harry, Man After Our Own Hearts, Now Has His Own "Harry Mix" of Haribo Gummies

During his recent two-day trip to Leeds, England, Prince Harry made a very, very important pit stop among visits to a children's hospital and charity fair. The royal went by a brand-new Haribo factory located in the neighboring town of Castleford. The man sure does know the key to our hearts: gummy bears!

While at the factory, Harry was taken on a guided tour of the facilities to see how these fruity treats are made. A vital detail that's 100 percent worth noting: he wore a hairnet shaped like a fedora while walking around the factory, while the employees were simply sporting regular ol' blue hairnets. Yep, he's just that cool.

After scoping out the manufacturing process, the royal was gifted his own personalized box of goodies: "Harry Mix," a collection of jelly-like candies shaped to resemble his face. Upon receiving these funny treats, which were unfortunately only created for him and will not be sold in stores, he admitted that he'd most likely be keeping them all for himself. "Thank you very, very much. I will do my best to either eat them or . . . it may be a bit weird sharing these," he joked, according to Global News.

Haribo gummies + Prince Harry = a match made in heaven. Read on to see footage from his factory visit, and be sure to take note of that epic hairnet.