Who Can Smuggle This Reese's Advent Calendar From the UK For Us? (Kidding — Kind Of)

It has recently come to our attention that a holiday Reese's advent calendar exists and, well, we feel both elated and betrayed. Why? Because it seems as though the calendar is currently only available in the UK.

According to a little Instagram research, the advent calendar is back in the UK this holiday season after being sold last year as well. The sweet treat is pretty simple in that it just contains a miniature Reese's Peanut Butter Cup for each day. Admittedly, it would take quite a bit of self-control not to go ahead and open up every little box all at once, but, hey, it can be a choose-your-own-adventure sort of thing.

Since we can't actually buy this festive calendar stateside, we'll just keep staring at pictures of it longingly.