Lucky Charms Beer Is Coming Soon, and Yes, Marshmallows Are Involved

Do you smell that, dear reader? It's the distant aroma of nostalgia brewing — and it's wafting all the way from Virginia, where Smartmouth Brewing Co. is cooking up a Lucky Charms-inspired beer. Yes, you read that correctly, folks: a beer inspired by everyone's favorite childhood cereal is about to grace this planet in all its marshmallowy glory.

Aptly dubbed Saturday Morning as a nod to those cartoon-filled weekends we fondly reminisce on, the beer is a 6.6 percent ABV IPA "brewed with in-house toasted marshmallows and bulk dehydrated marshmallow bits," according to a description shared by Smartmouth. The cereal-inspired booze will be offered on tap and in cans featuring artwork that looks just like the bright red Lucky Charms box you likely scanned the grocery store aisles for as a kid. Oh, and there's also the slogan "Magically Ridiculous" boldly printed on the can. I mean, we definitely don't disagree with that rephrasing.

At this point, you're probably wiping away a bit of drool and thinking to yourself, "OK, OK, enough details — just tell me where to get this stuff already!" And unfortunately, we have some sad news: Smartmouth is only making limited batches of Saturday Morning, which will be distributed to a handful of restaurants, bars, and liquor stores in the Virginia area and given out to some lucky Norfolk locals at an event on March 2. The brewing company doesn't have plans to ship the Lucky Charms-themed beverage around the nation, but our fingers (and toes!) are crossed that they change their minds. What's next — Frosted Flakes vodka?