Fried Pickles Aren't Even the Best Part About This Disney World Restaurant

Even though rushing between attractions all day is commonplace, I'm a huge proponent of taking the time to sit down and enjoy meals while visiting Disney parks. And the best place to do just that at Disney's Hollywood Studios doesn't even have tables . . . instead, you sit and relax in vintage cars. The Sci-Fi Dine In Theater restaurant offers guests the unique experience of a '50s drive-in movie theater, with the indoor perks of air conditioning, a full bar, and an incredible menu.

While we're definitely charmed by the car-shaped booths and tables, old-school movies playing in the restaurant, and starry skies above, what truly makes the Sci-Fi Dine In worth visiting is the food. From famous milkshakes — guests swear by the Oreo flavor — and deep-fried pickle spears to seasonal burgers topped with fried boursin cheese and arugula, there are countless ways to satisfy your hunger at the theater-inspired spot. Plus, 21+ guests can enjoy beer, wine, margaritas, mixed cocktails, and more along with their food. It's vacation, after all — why not sip on a cold adult beverage between fun rides?

Disney recommends making a reservation for the eatery due to its popularity, so next time you're hungry in Hollywood Studios, be sure to book a table car! In the meantime, look through some drool-worthy snaps from Disney visitors below.

Tables and booths are built into these vintage cars, facing a large movie screen playing retro films.

The menu is comprehensive, with options for lunch and dinner.

Check out this season burger: medium-rare sirloin with fried cheese and arugula. Yum!

The Oreo milkshake is a crowd favorite.

Instagram reviewers rave about the reuben sandwich at Sci-Fi Dine In.

And check out that dessert — yum!

This caramel apple, doughnut, and ice cream concoction is a masterpiece.

And who could ignore these fried pickle spears?

Overall, the Sci-Fi Dine In seems like the perfect place to enjoy a break from theme park craziness.

So, when can we visit?