Sophie Turner Loves Sausage So Much, She's Dedicated an Entire Instagram Account to It

Famous actors have lives outside of fabulous red carpet events and having fun on set, and the Game of Thrones cast is no different. When the crew aren't chilling on set, they're pretty busy indulging in other fun pursuits. But with the show soon coming to an end, some of the cast members are taking their talents in different directions. Case in point: Sophie Turner. When the Brit isn't acting or planning her upcoming nuptials to Joe Jonas, she's apparently a sausage critic — yes, you read that right!

If a screenshot shared on her Instagram Stories is to be believed, Sophie is on a mission to rate every sausage she eats out of ten. Much like Lorde's onion ring account before it, Sophie's sausage-dedicated account can be found on Instagram and goes by the username Sophie's Sausage Reviews. The hilarious account's bio reads, "passionate about the saus."

Although Sophie's Sausage Reviews only has one post so far, it's clear from the in-depth analysis in its accompanying caption that Sophie's passionate about her culinary pursuits. While she doesn't give any details on the brand of sausage, Sophie's opinion of the "classic Cumberland" proves she knows her stuff, stating it was "juicy on the bite. Skin not too tough." Sophie awarded the link a generous score of seven out of 10. Read on for the full review.