Tokyo Disney Has Stormtrooper Mochi, and Star Wars Fans Need It ASAP!

Disneyland in California may have lightsaber churros, but Star Wars fans have a whole new reason to visit Disneyland in Tokyo instead: Stormtrooper mochi! Much like the adorable Toy Story alien mochi that's popular at the Japanese theme park, this newer mochi is Instagram worthy, almost too cute to eat, and just as tasty as you'd hope. A park-goer named Chris Nilghe, who shared a photo of the Stormtrooper snack, reviewed the mochi on his blog, TDR Explorer. The mochi comes in flavors Custard Cream, Berry Cream, and Caramel Cream, and they're almost equally scrumptious. "The berry cream is delicious but my heart belongs to the 'milk & caramel,' which tastes closer to butterscotch than caramel," the reviewer wrote.

Available at the Galactic Pizza Port and Soft Landing in Tomorrowland, the Stormtrooper mochi costs $3 without the case and $9 with the case (and let's be honest — the reusable Star Wars case is half the reason to get it). Add this to the list of foods at Tokyo Disney that we desperately need to try!