Starbucks Cheesecake Frappuccinos Exist in 3 Mouthwatering Flavors, but There's a Catch

Have your cheesecake and drink it too! Starbucks now offers cheesecake Frappuccinos in mouthwatering mocha, blueberry, and caramel flavors, topped with cookie pieces. Similar sweet Frappuccinos have been on Starbucks's secret menu in the past, but these three flavors are a new twist to taking your dessert on the go. While these are the kinds of cakes you could justify indulging in for any meal, they can also be made "light" upon request.

The only catch? These drinks are currently available only in the UK. We'll wait patiently, with our fingers crossed, for these tasty treats to reach our local Starbucks. Meanwhile, keep scrolling through the delicious snaps we've seen on Instagram so far.