So Long, Green Straws! Starbucks Is Now Offering Strawless Lids For All Iced Drinks

Starbucks has officially gone strawless! Two years after the coffee chain announced plans to phase out its signature green plastic straws by 2020, the sustainable initiative has come to fruition. By the end of this month, all Starbucks locations across the US and Canada will use strawless lids for iced drinks, including coffees, teas, and Refreshers. The sippy-cup-style lids, which first began rolling out last year, have nine-percent less plastic than the regular flat lid and green straw combined, and are made of polypropylene, a type of plastic that is captured in recycling infrastructures more than straws.

Some markets currently offer compostable straw options, and Starbucks is continuing to test straws made of alternative materials. Any customers who need to use a green straw can still request one from a barista, but we suggest investing in one of these reusable metal straws instead. The planet will thank you.