This Soft-Serve Ice Cream Comes in a Freaking Cup Filled With Cookie Dough

All this time, we've been using cookie dough as an ice cream topping when it should have been the other way around. At Stew Leonard's — a small-scale supermarket chain in Connecticut and New York — shoppers can have their soft-serve flavor of choice served on top of edible cookie dough, resulting in one decadent dessert.

Since the treat is so popular, there's usually a considerable wait at the ice cream counter. That being said, you can turn the ice cream run into a fun tour of the quaint supermarket and, in the Fall, its cute pumpkin patch. If cookie dough isn't your thing, Stew Leonard's also offers another ice cream dessert that uses an apple cider doughnut hole as the topping! So there's really something for everyone.