These Succulent Cakes Look So Real, You Won't Believe They're Icing

Decorating your home with succulents is one way to make it a beautiful environment, and decorating cakes with succulents will surely make your kitchen look gorgeous, too. Talented bakers have mastered the art of creating lifelike succulent designs atop homemade cakes, and the result is seriously stunning. The edible plants are typically made from buttercream frosting, sugar candy, or gum paste, and achieving the look takes next-level flower-shaped-frosting skills. Decorating cakes with real succulents is a popular trend, too, especially for wedding cakes, but we think creating realistic succulents out of icing is even more impressive. Prepare to be awestruck by 20 of the most beautiful succulent cakes on the internet, and check out a full tutorial on how to decorate a succulent cake if you're inspired to make one for yourself.