16 Awesome Foods You Never Knew You Could Get at Whole Foods

Whole Foods constantly stocks new products — there's always something fresh and tasty to discover each time you visit the health food store (now owned by Amazon). From packaged snacks to seasonal produce to sections of the grocery you haven't even explored yet, these 11 products are just a few examples of the things you need to check out the next time you visit the store. Best news yet: thanks to Amazon, they are now more affordable than ever.

Grab-and-Go Bone Broth

Bulletproof Coffee

Watermelon Sparkling Water

Cotton Candy Grapes

An Epic Cheese Selection

SmartSweets Low-Sugar Gummy Bears

Jalapeño Cheddar Pork Rinds

Salted Brown Butter Dark Chocolate

Almond-Milk Greek-Style Yogurt

Maple Pecan Milk

Doughnuts by the Dozen

Flavored, Unsweetened Sparkling Waters

Dozens of Apple Varietals

Rose Water