13 Photos That Prove Sushi Sandwiches Are God's Greatest Gift to Earth

Eating your sushi in its basic roll form is, like, so five years ago, people. These days, foodies are getting more crafty with how they enjoy their raw fish, be it sushi burgers and burritos or our personal favorite, sushi tacos. And now we can officially add another tantalizing food hybrid to the list because we've discovered the gloriousness that is the sushi sandwich.

To be clear, sushi sandwiches technically aren't a new trend, as they actually originated back in the '90s in Japan. Officially referred to as onigirazu in Japanese culture, these creations feature rice and various fillings like fish, avocado, and carrots all wrapped up in seaweed, although some modern variations have rice for the outer layer.

It seems like more and more sushi-lovers have been rightfully displaying their love for the mashup on social media lately, and our mouths are left watering with each Instagram photo. Read on to admire 13 sushi sandwiches and garner some inspiration to DIY this tasty food hybrid at home!