28 Thanksgiving Charcuterie Board Ideas That Are True Love at First Bite

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Thanksgiving is all about the main course, and rightfully so (there are only so many days a year you get to eat mashed potatoes, stuffing, and turkey!). But it's still fun to indulge in some apps ahead of the meal, along with a festive cocktail, mocktail, or glass of wine — especially if one of those apps is a Thanksgiving charcuterie board. Whether it's how the cheeses and meats align to look like a turkey's feathers or how the board's little accents — like pumpkins, dried corn, and maple leaves — are thoughtfully placed throughout, there's no denying the way a good Thanksgiving charcuterie board adds a festive touch to the season.

From Friendsgiving to Thanksgiving to even a simple picture for the 'gram, these fall charcuterie boards are made for it all. You can throw together a brunch board, dessert board, candy board, or classic turkey charcuterie board with meats, cheeses, fruits, and more. (And if you want to go the extra mile, there are even hot-chocolate charcuterie boards that look pretty freakin' tasty, too.) Regardless of which you choose, you'll be the talk of the town this November with any of these creative Thanksgiving charcuterie board ideas ahead.


Thanksgiving Charcuterie Board Idea: Simple Turkey

Using cheese slices, salami, and strategically cut veggies, you can create a simple turkey charcuterie board by following @ThatCheesePlate's guide.


Thanksgiving Charcuterie Board Idea: Brie Cutouts

This heaping pile of colorful fall foods makes for a glorious fall charcuterie board that doesn't require too much careful assembly. The clever brie cutouts are the icing on the cake; just carefully press a cookie cutter through the rind, and voilà.


Thanksgiving Charcuterie Board Idea: Sweet and Savory

This Thanksgiving charcuterie board is an appetizer and dessert all in one. Punching fall shapes, like acorns, into your cheese and turning cookies into turkeys and pilgrim hats take this from an everyday spread to a holiday one.


Thanksgiving Charcuterie Board Idea: A Slice of Pie

Want your Thanksgiving charcuterie board to feel extra? Add a whole slice of pie or fruit crumble among your cheeses, meats, and fruits.


Thanksgiving Charcuterie Board Idea: Sliced Oranges

Sliced oranges may not be top of mind as a Thanksgiving charcuterie board pick, but they add a beautiful pop of color to any spread.


Thanksgiving Charcuterie Board Idea: A Mini Pumpkin Centerpiece

Add a mini pumpkin to any charcuterie board, and it's suddenly perfect for fall.


Thanksgiving Charcuterie Board Idea: Cheese Letter Cutouts

Cut letters out of cheese using cookie cutters or careful knife skills, and spell out whatever you want on top of your Thanksgiving charcuterie board.


Thanksgiving Charcuterie Board Idea: Blocks of Cheese

When you want to throw together a fall charcuterie board without spending a ton of time on it, opt to serve blocks of cheese with cute cheese knives instead of slicing it all yourself.


Thanksgiving Charcuterie Board Idea: Pretzel Turkeys and Chocolate-Kiss Acorns

This kid-friendly Thanksgiving charcuterie board is pulling out all the stops, with pretzels turned into turkeys, chocolate kisses turned into acorns, and leaf-shaped bread and cookies.


Thanksgiving Charcuterie Board Idea: Add a Few Fresh Leaves

The fresh leaves tucked into the edges of this Thanksgiving charcuterie board add a beautiful pop of green and feeling of freshness when you don't have any veggies to display.


Thanksgiving Charcuterie Board Idea: Ears of Dried Corn

Add a touch of harvest-season decor to your Thanksgiving charcuterie board with tiny ears of dried corn.


Thanksgiving Charcuterie Board Idea: Pop It in a Tray

Because this Thanksgiving charcuterie board has been constructed in a tray with raised edges, it holds everything in, making assembly — and transport, if you're not celebrating the holiday at home — a breeze.


Thanksgiving Charcuterie Board Idea: Simple Pear Turkey

A pear makes the perfect turkey body and centerpiece for your Thanksgiving charcuterie board. Pop on some bits of cheese and olive to make eyes and a beak, plus two walnuts or pecans for feet. Adorable!


Thanksgiving Charcuterie Board Idea: Breakfast Board

Hosting a brunch? This harvest-themed Thanksgiving charcuterie brunch board is perfect for all of fall. Pile on all of your usual favorites (cheeses, meats, fruits, and veggies), then add bagels and cream-cheese spreads.


Thanksgiving Charcuterie Board Idea: Cheese-Cube Turkey

A pro tip for your turkey charcuterie board: cheese cubes make for easy barriers between other foods that have a tendency to flop over or roll out of place.


Thanksgiving Charcuterie Board Idea: Dessert Tray

Pile leaf-shaped cookies, chocolate-covered pretzels, candy corn, and gummies on a tray, then pop a mini pumpkin in the center, and you have a super-easy Thanksgiving charcuterie dessert board.


Thanksgiving Charcuterie Board Idea: A Red and Orange Board

Keep your whole Thanksgiving charcuterie board on the same color scheme, and it will look perfect — even if you don't arrange it to a T. You can even add a fresh flower for added decor.


Thanksgiving Charcuterie Board Idea: Cranberry Salsa

Adding a sliced mini baguette to your Thanksgiving charcuterie board offers guests another option besides crackers, so they can load up a single bite with even more goodness. Make homemade cranberry salsa to really wow the crowd.


Thanksgiving Charcuterie Board Idea: Gummy Board

When it comes to Thanksgiving charcuterie boards, the possibilities are endless — including an all-orange gummy charcuterie tray featuring gummy pumpkins, peaches, oranges, peanuts, and more.


Thanksgiving Charcuterie Board Idea: Whisps Board

Grab a few flavors of Whisps cheese snacks to make this simple Thanksgiving charcuterie board, or simply use its template as inspiration.


Thanksgiving Charcuterie Board Idea: Mini Honey Pot

Make your Thanksgiving charcuterie board the center of your tablescape. The tiny honey pot and honey dipper add an extra touch that looks great and allows guests to drizzle a bit of sweetness on anything they want.


Thanksgiving Charcuterie Board Idea: Sweet and Savory Medley

In this Thanksgiving charcuterie board, sweet and savory items are all mixed together, so you can put it out before your meal and leave it out after to satisfy anyone's extra cravings.


Thanksgiving Charcuterie Board Idea: Decorative Tray

The decorative handles on this tray add an extra festive touch to this Thanksgiving charcuterie board, as do the two mini pumpkin centerpieces.


Thanksgiving Charcuterie Board Idea: Add Fresh Herbs

Fresh sprigs of rosemary add a little something extra to this abundant Thanksgiving charcuterie board.


Thanksgiving Charcuterie Board Idea: Pomegranate

Pomegranates are in season in the US from October to January, so Thanksgiving is the perfect time to add one to your charcuterie tray.


Thanksgiving Charcuterie Board Idea: Dried Fruits

If you don't want to buy a ton of fresh fruit that could potentially go uneaten, opt for dried fruits like apricots and oranges to offer the same sweet flavor and color to your Thanksgiving charcuterie board.


Thanksgiving Charcuterie Board Idea: Nuts

Nuts are the perfect filler for a Thanksgiving charcuterie board, taking up any extra space between your other items.


Thanksgiving Charcuterie Board Idea: Cookie Centerpiece

Whether you place it in the middle of a dessert charcuterie board or a cheeses-and-meats Thanksgiving charcuterie board, a decorative sugar cookie makes the perfect centerpiece.

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