F*ck Your "Bikini Body" — All I Want to Wear to the Beach Is This Ramen 1-Piece

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It's that time of year again . . . every fashion blogger wants to tell you which swimsuits are most flattering for your shape, and gyms pressure you to work out in pursuit of a toned "bikini body."

Aside from the obvious fact that any body is a bikini body when it's got a swimsuit on, there's also only one shape I envision when I fantasize about my summertime swims: a paper cylinder filled with piping hot noodles.

It's ramen. My only fantasies revolve around instant ramen.

So thank god for Beloved Shirts, which has a variety of one-piece swimsuits to make my noodley beach body dreams come true. They say dress for the job you want, right? Welp, consider this my application to be a ramen taste tester.

If you, too, dream of draping your bod with the sultry sight of instant ramen noodles, now's your time to shine. Ahead, shop four different "flavors" of this ramen-inspired swimsuit.