Hold Up — Trader Joe's Is Selling Fancy Truffle Butter For Less Than $5!

Truffle butter doesn't typically make it onto the grocery list of necessities, but thanks to Trader Joe's, you can add it to your cart without breaking your budget. There's Trader Joe's Black Truffle Butter on store shelves that only costs — wait for it — $3! This proves you definitely don't have to be on Oprah's level to indulge in your truffle obsession. The three-ounce container of butter is made with Italian Urbani Truffles and is "smooth, creamy, and perfectly priced," according to one customer's review. A little of this butter goes a long way, too. You can slather this supersavory spread on pasta, bagels, roasted vegetables, chicken, steak, or scrambled eggs for an instant flavor upgrade that'll make you feel fancy.

If truffle butter is not your thing (is that even possible?), then you might want to opt for Trader Joe's Truffle Honey Mustard or Truffle Dip instead. TJ's is seriously crushing it in the truffle department lately! You can find all of these lavish — yet affordable — products in stores now, so excuse us while we add these to our list of must haves from Trader Joe's.

Prices and products may vary by Trader Joe's location.

— Additional reporting by Haley Lyndes