Trader Joe's Turmeric Ginger Coconut Beverage Is Here For All Your Golden Milk Needs

Trader Joe's is continuing to roll out some ridiculously cool products for Summer, including a brand-new Turmeric Ginger Coconut Beverage. This drink is also advertised as TJ's version of "golden milk" — uh, yum. While golden milk has been used for centuries in Ayurvedic medicine, it's a recent addition to the shelves of this superstore.

For fitness aficionados, this is yet another way to work the benefits of turmeric into your diet. Enjoy the tasty treat iced or mixed into one of your favorite beverages. Eager shoppers can find the creamy, nondairy drink on shelves for less than $3. If you're interested, scope out this one on your next Trader Joe's trip!