Pink Unicorn Beer Is a Thing — and BRB, Because We Brew Now

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Any true unicorn devotee will likely already have that 7ft sprinkler, unicorn tears liqueur, and an otherworldly makeup bag honoring their favorite mystical horse housed away in their arsenal — but we may have found the missing ingredient. If you're keen to continue your ritual, is your collection truly complete without a Brooklyn Brewshop Unicorn IPA Beer Making Kit ($40)? We say neigh.

Yes, you'll want to make a habit of sacking off the bar for a pale ale, because now you can make it in the comfort of your own horse-decked home — and let us tell you, the alternative is f*cking magical. Unlike other beers, this ale is not only a delicious shade of naturally colored pink (thanks, beetroot!), but it also comes with rainbow sprinkles, essential for any unicorn-themed affair. The reusable kit features everything from a gallon glass fermenter to an all-grain ingredient mix, ready to form a double dry-hopped superfruity "unicorn elixir." BRB, because we're trading in the Rosé and adding "master brewers" to our résumés.