No, You're Not Dreaming; You Can Wake Up to These Unicorn Pancakes!

It seems like the internet is on a never-ending quest to transform our meals into unicorn-themed, magical munchies. Everything from rainbow hot chocolate to mythically adorned unicorn doughnuts has been making its way into our Instagram feeds. To our delight, we now have a miraculous breakfast option: unicorn pancakes.

If you're dying to re-create these for yourself, we suggest whipping up some Funfetti pancakes, getting out your food dye, and following our tips to create an adorable edible unicorn horn to complete your special breakfast. People are adding their own spins to the pancakes with all the fun toppings you could think of, like cotton candy, Lucky Charms, marshmallows, and more.

Read on to see all of the colorful and sweet varieties.