Stop What You're Doing and Admire This Unicorn Pizza With Cotton Candy!

Just when you thought unicorns might be done infiltrating all of our food, this unicorn pizza happened. And you're going to want to stop what you're doing to admire every single detail, from the rainbow crust to the clouds of fluffy cotton candy on top. This creative and mythical creation is from Industry Kitchen in New York City, and its official menu name is Pop Candy Land Pizza (have you ever related to a pizza more?). Each pizza has a sweet, rainbow-colored crust; a thick layer of cream cheese frosting; cotton candy; and Pop Rocks. While it's listed on the menu next to other pizzas like the herbed goat cheese and margherita, we'd recommend ordering this one for dessert.

At $18 each, the Pop Candy Land Pizza practically begs you to Instagram it in order to make it worth the purchase. And that's exactly what people are doing, allowing the rest of us to obsess over each and every sparkly aspect. Does this place deliver?