Here's the Absurdly Magical Unicorn Poop Recipe For Lisa Frank Parties and Beyond

Sweet Insanity Bake Shop came up with the magical concept of Unicorn Poop cookies, aka rainbow-colored cookies covered in shimmery sprinkles and glitter dust that look like they belong at a Lisa Frank party.

Their inventor explained the story behind Unicorn Poop's conception and it's pretty ironic. "I told my mom that I was making some 'unicorn sneezes' and she said 'when are you going to make your unicorn sh*t?' And then it hit me . . . Great idea, Mom! It will take a dirty spin and become unicorn poop, instead! She doesn't want the credit for encouraging me, but I still thank her." And so do we! We were looking for something to fill the rainbow void in our lives since Snapchat stopped giving us the rainbow tongue filter.

Want to try Unicorn Poop cookies at home? Gather the Unicorn Poop recipe and list of ingredients, and then, check out the step-by-step instructions for forming the Unicorn Poop cookies. Before you hit the kitchen, see the magical photos of Unicorn Poop and get your daily dose of silliness.