This Wedding-Dress Cake Will Play Serious Mind Games With You

Looking at this wedding "dress" will give you an equal dose of bridal fashion inspiration and wedding-cake envy. A UK-based cake designer named Emma Jayne created the most jaw-dropping cake at this year's Cake International show held at Alexandra Palace in London. And without even seeing the rest of the competition, you better believe this takes the . . . well, cake.

Using skills only a true professional could master, Emma created an intricately designed cake that looks so real you won't be sure about whether you want to eat it or wear it. One of the ways Emma was able to achieve such realistic-looking details was by using a cake-decorating tool called the dragéekiss, an invention that's currently undergoing crowdfunding. Emma used the tool to meticulously place each pearl inside every flower on the cake, and it looks so seamless that you'll be convinced everything was sewn together. Perhaps the coolest part is that Emma designed the dress-inspired cake based on actual wedding gowns from fashion designer Mak Tumang, and Mak got to see the creations IRL at the cake show; the two are pictured above.

To get up close and personal with this wedding-gown cake and marvel at each detail, scroll ahead to see all the photos that people have shared from the Cake International show. We knew floral wedding cakes were a trend we could get behind, but this takes it to a whole new level.

Here's the actual wedding dress.

And here's the dress re-created as a cake.

The back of the cake is just as intricate.

Here's Emma, the designer of the cake, and Mak, the designer of the dress.

Dragéekiss proudly showed off the cake that was made with the decorating tool.

The edible flowers are gorgeous!

It looks identical to the original dress, from head to toe.

We're sure people at the Cake International show had to do a double-take.

Would you wear — or eat — this?