The Hilarious Way Wendy's Is Responding to Haters on Twitter Will Make You Chuckle Endlessly

Flickr user Mike Mozart

ICYMI, Wendy's is owning the Twitter game right now. The fast-food chain recently tweeted about its "fresh, never frozen" beef, at which one bold user threw some heavy shade. This prompted a sassy exchange that went viral, proving that Wendy's will go to great lengths to defend its beef. Naturally, this made other internet trolls want to see if they could prod similar responses out of the cheeky genius who runs the account. Spoiler alert: the responses are plentiful — and downright hilarious. Keep reading to see some of our favorite fiery comebacks.

The exchange that started it all . . .


A short and sweet clapback.


Stop bringing McDonald's into this!

At least use proper grammar . . .

*Applies to job immediately*

Apathy at its strongest.

Seriously, please stop eating garbage.

Queen of rhetorical questions.

So witty!

Comebacks coming in hot hot.

Sounds about right.