Watch Out, Zombie Frappuccino — The Pennywise It Frapp Is Coming For You

You might be used to seeing Pennywise the clown in your nightmares after seeing the new It movie, and you're about to see him in the morning at Starbucks, too. An It Frappuccino has been added to the menu at a Starbucks location in Laguna Hills, CA, and its resemblance to the clown is actually pretty impressive! The frozen drink is a Vanilla Bean Frappuccino with strawberry puree drizzled throughout the cup to give it a red "hair and makeup" vibe that mimics Pennywise's look. Some baristas are even blending an entire vanilla bean scone into the beverage to make it even sweeter, although this technically goes against Starbucks's policy against blending food into drinks.

While it does not appear that other Starbucks locations are carrying the It Frappuccino, you should still be able to order it since it's made with ingredients most locations would have on hand. If you're still squeezing in time to try the equally loved and hated Zombie Frappuccino, you might want to also order the Pennywise-inspired one while you're at it! You've only got one chance per year to get your Halloween fix at Starbucks. Keep reading to see the photos people are sharing of the It Frappuccino, and check out the side-by-side comparison to the Zombie Frappuccino.