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The 10th DIY of Christmas: Easy Floral-Embellished Pillows

When it comes to holiday crafting, unless you started back in August, it's always best to stick with easy, less time-consuming projects — especially when you're in the homestretch of Christmas crafting! I made two of these pillows in less than an hour. They are easy for even beginning seamstresses, and the small, calla lily floral detail on the pillows adds a fun visual element that helps to make them more unique. For a more lifelike look, you could make these pillows in white linen and use a yellow piece of linen for the stamen.

Here's What You'll Need

  • 1 yard of fabric (or a little more, depending on the size of your pillows)
  • pillow forms or stuffing
  • scissors
  • thread in coordinating color
  • sewing machine
  • iron
  • needle and thread for hand sewing

Find out how to make these pillows when you


Here's How to Do It

  1. I made the two pillows so they measured 18 inches square. For bigger pillows, you may need more than a yard of fabric, so keep that in mind when buying fabric. You can base the size of your pillows on a prebought pillow form (they come in standard sizes such as 16, 18, 20, or 22 inches) or simply use loose stuffing for the pillow. Since these pillows are completely sewn up and do not require a zipper, use stuffing or a pillow form that can be machine washed.
  2. Iron your fabric. Measure it and cut. Cut the pillows with an extra inch and a half of fabric for seam allowance (for an 18 inch square pillow, that means you'd cut the two pieces of fabric to measure 19 1/2 inches square).
  3. After cutting your fabric, you will want to cut out the material for your floral embellishment. For these little lilies, I cut out two ovals that were approximately five inches round. For the stamen, cut out a four-inch-tall, one-inch-thick rectangular piece of fabric.
  4. Place the oval fabric right sides together. Sew around the edges, leaving two inches open. Turn the fabric inside out (right sides out). Tuck raw edges under and sew around the perimeter again, so there is a finished edge.
  5. For the stamen, iron all raw edges under twice, and then sew around the edges until your stamen has finished edges on all sides.
  6. Place the stamen in the middle of your oval, lining up the bottom of the stamen with the bottom of the oval. Make a quick stitch to secure the stamen to the bottom of the oval.
  7. Now, squeeze the sides of the oval together so the flower looks like a calla lily (see photos). Make a quick stitch to secure the sides. Voila! Flower!
  8. Pin the flower to the middle of one of the squares of fabric (or wherever you want to position it). Just don't get it too close to an edge.
  9. Secure the flower to the square with a quick stitch on the top and bottom of the flower petal, leaving the stamen unsecured. If you want, you can do this step with a needle and thread if you are shy about trying to do this on a machine. If you want the stamen to be shorter, you can curl it under and make a stitch to have the stamen make a different shape.
  10. Now, place the two squares of the pillow body right sides together. Stitch up three of the sides if you are using a pillow form. If you are using stuffing, stitch the pillow up almost to the end. Leave enough room to get your hand, and stuffing, into the pillow. Turn the pillow inside out so it is now right-side out.
  11. If you are using a pillow insert, place it inside the pillow. Pin under the last side, and stitch the pillow. If you are using stuffing, stuff the pillow to desired fullness, pin the raw edges under on the last few inches, and stitch up.
  12. Gift your pillow to a deserving friend!




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