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Since I didn't want to forget our feathered friends this holiday season, I thought I'd make a pretty, edible bird feeder as part of my 12 DIYs of Christmas series.

This orange-and-cranberry feeder will attract birds such as orioles, red-bellied woodpeckers, finches, thrashers, mockingbirds, and tanagers. It also makes a pretty holiday table chandelier, too. This is a fun project for crafty teens, and you can keep them busy making this bird chandelier before serving Christmas dinner, and then send them out into the snow afterwards for a hike to select the perfect tree from which to hang the chandelier from.

Here's What You'll Need

  • baking sheet
  • 8 to 10 oranges, cut into 27 to 30 slices
  • cranberries
  • thread and ribbon
  • glue gun
  • embroidery hoop
  • cinnamon (optional)

Get the directions when you


  1. The night before, you need to dry your oranges. Slice oranges about 1/4 inch thick, and lay flat either directly on the oven rack or on a baking sheet. Bake at 250°F for three to four hours, largely unattended. You can flip the oranges halfway through to make sure they are drying evenly. If you want to keep your chandelier inside, brush cinnamon on the orange slices before baking. This will release a yummy cinnamon smell in your house the entire time the chandelier is up.
  2. After the oranges have dried, take out a spool of ribbon, and cut nine pieces of ribbon three inches long. Then cut 18 pieces of ribbon at one inch lengths.
  3. With the ribbon, measure out an additional three nine-inch lengths, and then cut three pieces. Tie them 1/3 of the way around the embroidery hoop, so you have the three ribbons evenly spaced. Pull the three pieces even, above the hoop, and tie in a loop for hanging.
  4. Now, take your cut orange slices and make nine to 10 chandelier strands, with three orange slices per strand. Use the glue gun to glue the longest ribbon to the top orange slice, and then the shorter one-inch ribbon to each of the next two slices. Lay flat to dry, until you have all of the slices glued and strung.
  5. Now, thread a needle and make a strand of cranberries for your middle chandelier strand. Set aside.
  6. With the embroidery hoop hanging securely from a hook, take each of the strands of orange slices and loop them over the wood of the hoop. Glue the top, longer ribbon onto itself, going over the embroidery hoop. Space the strands of oranges evenly around the hoop.
  7. Hang the cranberry strand from the middle of the knotted ribbon, at the top of the chandelier.
  8. Now, display your finished product either outside for your bird friends or over a dinner table for your holiday feast. Just make sure to transfer it outside for the birdies to enjoy when you are done!





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