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The 12th DIY of Christmas: Paper Bulb Ornaments

My passion for decorative papers has gotten a bit out of hand lately, and I realized that my stack of patterned sheets needed to make a debut somewhere besides giftboxes this holiday. So, I whipped up these paper bulb ornaments with just a few supplies. It's a great last-minute project. You can hang them on your tree, drizzle them around your tabletop, or pile a bunch of them in a hurricane vase.


  • Decorative paper (or thick wrapping paper will do!)
  • Scissors, a paper-cutter, or an X-acto knife
  • Brads (2 per ornament)
  • A hole-punch
  • Ribbon or twine, optional

To learn the steps,


The Steps:

  1. Cut your paper into a dozen strips of about 0.5" x 4". Create varying sized bulbs if you want by increasing the size of the strips.
  2. Stack the strips and hole-punch one hole on each end of the strip.
  3. Slip one brad through each hole and close it.
  4. Repeat with the other punched hole.
  5. Now, take the bottom strip in the stack (the one that's face down), and flip/twist it outward.
  6. Continue flipping, until each strip is facing outward, creating a bulb shape. You may need to do a bit of adjusting to get the shape.
  7. Now, to use the paper bulbs as tree ornaments, tie a loop to one of the brads and hang! Or, pile up a bunch of them in a bowl or vase as a centerpiece.
norabora norabora 7 years
also, with the 1/2" x 4" strips you need about 15 to make a complete bulb.
norabora norabora 7 years
i made these with my students last week and they are super easy and totally cute. at school we used construction paper which worked well (but you have to be really careful when flipping each strip out. when testing out different papers to see what worked well i found that basic origami paper was a bit too thin, but that a slightly thicker glossy paper was ideal.
carawilkerson carawilkerson 7 years
Love these ornaments! I'll have to keep them in mind for next year. Thanks for posting!
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