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5 Most Important Furniture Purchases

5 Furniture Items Worth Splurging On

Shopping for your home can be overwhelming — not to mention expensive. To help you spend your money wisely, we have determined the five items in your home that are totally worth the cash they will cost you. It is probably no surprise that the things topping our list are ones that you use every single day! If purchased correctly, these home essentials will last you a very long time indeed. Plus, by not having to replace them every year, you will have more cash to spend on all the fun accessories that are responsible for making every room feel fresh and personal!

Sofa: The workhorse of your living room, sofas provide a comfortable place to relax at the end of the day and to entertain guests. Buy something well-made that isn't too trendy, and you will be able to enjoy your sofa for years to come. Plus, it is easy to style your sofa in fresh ways when you feel tempted to trade it in for a newer model.

Tableware: When you can afford it, purchase a set of good plates and some nice glasses. Nice doesn't have to mean expensive, but it should mean beautiful, durable, and simple in design. While we love a mismatched table as much as the next person, plates and bowls that are part of a set will fit together better in your cabinet and make you feel like a grown-up when company comes over. Collect smaller pieces, like thrift store vases, to add personality and to switch up a look.

Linens: While buying nice linens might not be high on your list, you might want to reconsider. When it comes to tablecloths, napkins, sheets, and towels, quality can make the difference between a one-time purchase and an every-year purchase. Plus, if you have ever used a soft cotton napkin, you know that high-quality linens only get better with a little wear and tear.

Rugs: If you think that shopping for rugs is an intimidating purchase, you are not alone! Rugs often look very different in the store than they do at home, and many end up shedding like a pet you didn't plan on adopting. We probably sound like a broken record, but it comes down to quality when you are shopping for a rug! Look at the materials, read the reviews, and don't be afraid to take it home, and live with it for a while. Although they aren't as easy as to return as clothes, you should be just as happy with your purchase if not more so!

Bed: By now, you probably know just how important sleep is to your health and well-being. Having a comfortable bed is paramount to getting a good night's rest, so investing in a good-quality mattress is your first step. A fancy bed frame or headboard is nice but not essential. There are so many great options for decorating above your bed that you won't even miss it!

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