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Acorn Decor From Etsy

Etsy Finds: Absolutely Autumnal Acorn Motifs

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While acorns and oak leaves are a common Fall motif, the use of acorn imagery is actually quite ancient. This widespread symbol of regeneration has meant many things to many cultures. In Britain, many people carried an acorn as a sign of good luck. In Norse mythology, the oak tree, and acorn, were symbolic of protection against storms. And the acorn motif, which has been found on Celtic and Greek goddesses, is a symbol of fertility and immortality. However you choose to think of it, the acorn is an undeniably powerful symbol. It's part of nature, after all. As a 14th-century proverb notes, "Great oaks from little acorns grow." Here are some modern, retro, and altogether lovely ways to decorate with this ancient symbol.

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