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Have you ever considered working from home? Whether you want to create a home office or a home business space, there are a lot of things to consider, not the least of which is creating a space that's both attractive and productive. Jennifer Nelson of Home Sweet has done just that by transforming a bedroom in her Craftsman home into a workspace for her business. She writes, "I love that I have my own space to work. Block printing takes up a lot of room and makes a lot of mess, so having this space is essential!"

Her space accommodates a lot of tools, including a sewing desk trimmed with yardsticks, filing crates, task lighting, miscellaneous tools and books, a large printing table, and a fabric roll, among other things. Jennifer also has a television and DVD player in her studio, where she watches movies such as Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind and Norma Ray.

Interested in hearing Jennifer's advice for working out of your home, and seeing more pictures of her space? Then


Jennifer offers this advice for working out of your home:

  • On distractions: There are a few things that help with that, but were never really conscious decisions. For one, fabric printing isn't very tolerant of interruptions — ink dries out quickly and becomes unusable. So as much as I may be tempted to float off into blog-land, I don't want to come back to a pot full of gummy ink! This way, breaks are automatically kept short. Also, the studio is as far as you can get from the living areas in our house, so family members have to make a special trip to interrupt me. That makes a big difference, I think.
  • On prioritizing tasks: I do find myself wanting to work when I have household things to do, and for that I just try not to procrastinate — knock those chores out and then get to work! Plus, it means a lot to my husband when I don't leave him with everything to do while I'm printing away in my little studio, and a happy partner is a supportive partner!
  • On balance: I'm still working on the concept of balance. Somewhere in there must be some time to relax, reconnect with family, and work on things unrelated to chores and printing . . . but in the meantime at least I have a lovely place to work and a craft that I'm passionate about.

Check out more photos of Jennifer's home studio, and many products, when you visit her site and blog.

Do you work out of a home studio space? How do you create balance while keeping productive?







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