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Affordable Modern Furniture | Bryght

Your Future Is Bryght: A New Furniture Line Is Raising the Bar

We'd all love to invest in quality furniture, but sitting down at that sleek new dining table can present some financial hurdles. Luckily, a contemporary Canadian furniture brand is setting out to change that — and at no expense to your aesthetic. By cutting out the middlemen in the industry, Bryght allows people to essentially shop directly from the factories, shedding mark-ups associated with importers, distributors, and sales people — and effectively saving them an estimated 50 percent in the process. Better yet, the brand offers a free 30-day home trial period with free shipping and returns in North America: commitment-phobes, the line starts here!

High-design and high-quality, Bryght's contemporary and transitional collection comes from top international designers who've cut their teeth at companies like Established & Sons, Habitat, and Stella McCartney. In our opinion, it competes with the Crate and Barrels and Room & Boards of the world, but see for yourself. Here are a few of our top picks from the collection.

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