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Fake It Till You Make It: How to Throw a Summer Party For Next to Nothing

Jun 18 2014 - 3:02am

Hosting a party can be expensive, but there are ways to entertain this Summer without spending a fortune. Thanks to a few creative tips and tricks, you can easily create the look of an expensive bash on a budget. First on your checklist? Rethink what you already own, including your current furniture and serveware. Then a few easy — emphasis on easy — DIYs should seal the deal. Seriously, in no time, you can whip together a party that will leave guests impressed and your wallet happy.

Source: Kimberly Genevieve [1]

Say It With Flags

Aren't these flavor flags cute? Use cardstock, glue, and sharpies to DIY [2] buffet markers that can be used to designate everything from drinks to dessert.

Source: Kimberly Genevieve [3]

Stick to a Centerpiece

If you're bored of your usual centerpiece, try displaying buds with washi tape. Genius!

Source: Kimberly Genevieve [4]

DIY Your Drinks

An open bar doesn't have to cost an arm and a leg! Give guests flavor options by filling glass bottles with a variety of juices and mixers. Don't forget to use a marker to distinguish flavors!

Source: Kimberly Genevieve [5]

Give an (Affordable) Favor

For affordable party favors, we love the idea of having a flip-flop basket. A pair of sandals will run you about $1 from your local dollar store. It's a fun way for guests to kick off their heels and relax!

Source: Kimberly Genevieve [6]

Rethink Your Console Table

If you're on a budget, get creative by using your console table as an extension of the buffet. Chances are, this entryway staple [7] will slide perfectly under a larger table and offer added dimension.

Source: Kimberly Genevieve [8]

Embrace Flea Market Finds

If you favor an eclectic look, make the most of your local flea market [9]. Since they're small, bistro chairs are often inexpensive and look cute when mixed and matched among a variety of styles.

Source: Kimberly Genevieve [10]

Bring the Indoors Outside

Think you need new patio furniture? Think again! It's a look often seen at weddings, so consider styling some of your living room furniture outside. It's great way to keep your party intimate with the option of additional seating. Don't worry about your pieces getting ruined by the weather — this look is only temporary!

Source: Kimberly Genevieve [11]

Mix and Match Your Serveware

Forget needing to match everything — this look is spot on! If you don't have a mix of wood serveware, the same idea can be applied using patterned dishware too! Forgo the perfect; it adds character.

For entertaining ideas like the ones above, consider these resources: Be Inspired PR [12], HeirloomLA [13], R.Jack Balthazar [14], Bon Puf [15], and Caravents Event Production and Design [16].

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