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Stephania and Colleen's Alternative Super Bowl Party Tips

Earlier today, Colleen Reilly and Stephania Stanley, hosts of Thursday Night Dinners, shared their first party plan for Super Bowl Sunday. Here's their second party idea, which is perfect for those of you who may not be football fans.

As we all know (or maybe you don’t know because you don’t care), Sunday is the Super Bowl. For those of us who aren’t interested in watching a bunch of grown men in tights running into each other while chasing after a ball for a few hours, that’s ok, we don’t have to watch it. But we suggest that you not let this day that is designed for friends to hang out just pass you by. Instead we recommend that you throw a low-key, stress-free mini wine tasting for you and your girl friends that has nothing at all to do with Game Day.

A wine tasting is a really fun way to try a bunch of different wines and, as a host, to save on alcohol money by having guests supply. Our recommendation for wine tasting rules: First pick a wine theme. It can be as simple as “White Wines,” or a little more interesting with something like, “French Reds,” or “Cabernet Sauvignons.”


Ask guests (it’s good to stick around 15ish guests) to bring two bottles of the same wine (one wine, but two bottles of it) that fall into your category of choice. When guests arrive, immediately place one of the bottles into brown bags or handmade wine labels to cover the one currently on it. Put a number or a symbol on the bag or label that will signify that guest—be sure to write down on a piece of paper each guests’ number or symbol. The point is that no one knows who brought which wine.

Keep reading to find out how the wine tasting party works!

Set out the wrapped bottle and place the unwrapped bottle into a wine case—this will come in handy later. You should be able to get an empty wine case from your local liquor store. If you have enough small glasses, set those out on an entry table (use plastic ones if you have to), so each guest has one.

On the entry table, also supply voting sheets and pencils. Indicate on the voting sheets that after the guests have tasted all the wines they should list their three favorite wines in order of how they like them (number 1 being best). Also note, on the voting sheet, what time the voting will end. Supply a large serving bowl for guests to place folded up voting sheets.

Set up wine bottles throughout the party area and allow guests to try wines for the next couple of hours while you chow down on some excellent light, party food. Keep food light because you’re going to be filling up on wine. You also want foods that aren’t tricky to eat while milling around. Think finger foods, such as our Bubby's Meat Balls!

When voting is complete, designate someone to tally up votes. Whoever gets the most “1s” wins. Their prize? The case full of the guests’ second bottles that you set aside when they came in!

For this party, keep décor simple—on each of the wine and food tables, put down some tablecloths in varying solid bright colors. (Get them cheap because they’re going to get wine on them. Vinyl is a good idea for easy cleaning.) Spend a little extra time pre-party to make our Buttoned Up Cloth Napkins for use during the party. They are eco-friendly and add a warm, DIY touch. Our Beaded Wine Charms are also a good accessory for this party as well.

Source:  Flickr User stevendepolo

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