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Andrew Yes BOFFO Show House Interview

Behind the Scenes at BOFFO: Andrew Yes Discusses Details of This Revolutionary Show House

There are your typical show houses, and then there's the BOFFO Show House: a wild, creatively beautiful, outside-the-box hotbed of design and art ideas. Located at 371 Madison Street in New York and available for viewing through June 4, the BOFFO show house was curated by the arts and culture nonprofit group BOFFO, who worked with artist and designer Andrew Yes, named as the show house honorary designer, to create this absolutely awe-inspiring space. We recently chatted with Andrew about the inspirations and process for the BOFFO show house.

CasaSugar: How did Faris Al-Shathir and Gregory Sparks from BOFFO choose you as the honorary designer for the BOFFO Show House?

Andrew Yes: This is my third project with BOFFO. We have learned that we work well together and this project developed out of that relationship.


CS: BOFFO's show house stands out from the traditional show house in so many ways. What would you say are the most distinct differences between the traditional show house and BOFFO's?

AY: BOFFO show house is about inspirational concepts and mashups of creativity, and bringing people together. It's truly a show, which is staged in the space that was formerly the school's auditorium.

CS: How were the four themes (Work, Play, Nature, Future) chosen?

AY: These themes are four common denominators of importance for most New Yorkers. We want to bring something from all over the world to give people an escape.

CS: Faris mentioned to me that BOFFO's show house was inspired by Elsie De Wolf's show house from 1911. How do you see that inspiration interpreted in the home? How did you interpret this inspiration?

AY: When Faris and I started to develop the Show House idea I began to read him lines from Elsie De Wolfe's book The House in Good Taste and we love her. I admire her winning-war against the dark stuffy clutter of the Victorian age. She, like us, showed new possibilities of design in existing historical spaces and made bold statements on how times have changed. As we move into a 'new age' we want to express our vision of what is fresh with anthropomorphic furniture, daring colors, artistic installations. We ended up creating a fun house.

Keep reading to find out about some amazing pieces featured at the BOFFO show house.
CS: Which of your designs at the BOFFO show house are personal favorites?

AY: I love them all, and I was amazed to see how much diverse work came to Faris and me. My personal favorites are my [pieces] Dry Aquarium, Galactic Pillow Balls, and Fossil Table. I also Love Ben Venom's quilt, Don't Wake Lucifer in our teenagers bedroom. Melissa Gamwell's fine porcelains, Eduardo Garza's 24 Karat Gold Saber Tooth Cat sculpture, Pablo Piatti Birds of Paradise mural en grisaille printed by Tres Tintas, Joe Robbins's Peg and Pole Table, available with a collection of innovative modular accessories , Tom Fruin's neon Future Fireplace, Noah and Nathan Rice's spiritual paintings, D.B. Kim's Swarovski Unity Ring pendant lights, Fort Street Studio's vintage Moroccan boucherouite rugs, Space Cutter's Monolith Table, Max Lamb's rubber sofa, and Sandra de Ovando's suspended tree installation.

CS: How were the designers and artists chosen for the BOFFO show house?

AY: It was a process of curating a call-for-submissions and reaching out to our favorite established show rooms, artists, designers, and galleries.

CS: How do you think the boldness of the BOFFO show house will influence show houses in years to come?

AY: I think next year should be on a rotating theatre stage with an audience, There can be live music, moving parts, dance, and poetry readings projected via Skype along with a benefit for the ASPCA.

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All BOFFO photos courtesy Evan Joseph

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