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10 Apartment Decorating Tips We Wish We'd Known Earlier

Apr 20 2014 - 4:01am

It happens with our fashion sense, our cooking skills, our finances — you name it. We all think back to our first independent experiences and wish we could do things a little differently. Same goes for our very first apartments (what were we thinking, trying to paint those walls ourselves?!). That's why we've gathered some decorating advice we wish we had known when we first moved in . . . because even as editors, it takes a couple of times to get things right. The best part is you can apply these tips today, no matter if you're at your second or 16th apartment, in a studio or a four-bedroom spot. Did we miss anything? Let us know in the comments!

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Shop for pieces that do double duty now and possibly down the line. For example, the desk that doubles as my table will one day make a great console table. I also have a nightstand that I plan on using as a bar cart [3] when I eventually move to a bigger place.

— Emily Bibb, assistant editor

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As soon as your place starts to feel stale, resist the urge to shop and start moving things around. Switching side tables, lamps, art, and even the placement of a chair can make things feel surprisingly fresh and will help you assess what you really need.

— Angela Elias, associate editor

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Do NOT enter The Container Store until you have moved everything in and learned what storage containers you'll actually need.

— Nancy Einhart, executive editor

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It will take you forever to furnish your place (i.e., buying one piece a month because it's so expensive) — and that's totally OK. You don't even have to have a fully furnished place to throw a killer housewarming party [8].

— Lisette Mejia, assistant editor

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Hanging art [10] by yourself is hard. Ask a friend to help.

— NE

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If you're living in a studio apartment [13], the hardest part is making everything look cohesive. Choose a color palette (it doesn't have to be strict), and stick with it when shopping for decor, furniture, and accents. It will seriously pay off!

— EB

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Don't before afraid to get your hands dirty with a little DIYing [16]. Even if it's not "perfect," you'll be able to infuse the most simple and affordable pieces with your personal style. Start small, and take pride in the bragging rights you'll earn!

— AE

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Don't get overambitious about painting. You might have visions of painting every room, but you're probably just going to have to repaint when you move. Pick one room [19] or wall to focus on.

— NE

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You'll get inspired left and right by designers [21], bloggers, and magazines, and you might start to feel like you'll never have "the perfect place." But as long as it reflects YOU [22], that's what matters.

— LM

Source: Mark Edward Harris [23]

Don't go shopping without a tape measure and a list of dimensions for the spots you're trying to fit.

— NE

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