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The 26 Emotional Stages of Apartment Hunting

Aug 5 2014 - 1:17pm

If you've had to deal with the rental market during the past few years, you are probably well aware of how difficult it is to find a good apartment. Prices are high, competition is tough, and landlords are picky. With such tricky real estate conditions, the process of finding a place is even more stressful than usual. If you've ever experienced the seven stages of grief after having your application rejected, you're not alone. Here are the ups and downs of the rental process.

Source: NBC [1]

Making the decision to move to an exciting new city:

When others tell you about how tough the real estate market is right now:

Searching Craigslist and rental listings during every spare moment:

Arriving at a viewing and realizing just how small a studio apartment is:

Scheduling multiple apartment viewings in one day:

Walking into apartments that smell terrible:

Scoping out your competition at open houses:

When the landlord asks if you have a car, because parking spaces cost extra:

Falling in love with the perfect apartment:

Filling out apartment applications:

Getting the first rejection call:

. . . and the second:

. . . and the third:

Doubting that you'll ever find any place to live, let alone a nice apartment:

Source: MGM [2]

When you get your 10th rejection call:

When you get so desperate that you start to reconsider basic necessities, like a shower:

Trying not to get excited about any apartment, because you know you'll just be rejected:

Finally getting called by an interested landlord:

Submitting your credit report, proof of income, and application fee:

Waiting for word about the application:

Getting the news that you got the apartment:

Telling your loved ones that you no longer need to crash on their couches:

Moving everything in:

Shopping for furniture:

Decorating your new place:

Knowing that you won't have to deal with the rental market for at least another year:

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