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You Already Own What It Takes to Style the Ideal Apartment

Jun 25 2014 - 3:03am

What if we told you everything you already own can be styled into your dream apartment? Yes, it's true, and this Midtown Homepolish [1] pad is proof. With a few styling tricks and a little organizing, all it takes is reworking and rethinking what you already own to get the polished look you see in photos but doubt you can ever achieve. Take note below at how accessories like books, mirrors, and even toiletries can easily be arranged to perfection.

Source: Homepolish [2]

The Piece: Accent mirrors

How to Rethink It: You know those mirrors you had to have from the flea market? Use them to style your entryway [3]! Hang them above a small console table complete with a few key pieces like a tray and candy dish. It creates the look of a grand entrance (even in a tiny space), and provides you with the opportunity to double check your makeup before you head out the door!

Source: Homepolish [4]

The Piece: Extra throw blanket

How to Rethink It: Use an extra throw to dress up plain bedding. It adds texture and warmth while making good use of something that is usually tucked away in a linen cabinet.

Source: Homepolish [5]

The Piece: Random accessories

How to Rethink It: Breathe life back into your favorite accessories with a little rearranging. Curate them in one place by mixing and matching books and decorative accessories on a bookcase. For those things you don't want seen, devote the bottom shelf to stylish baskets or boxes.

Source: Homepolish [6]

The Piece: Office supplies

How to Rethink It: If office supplies seem to be scattered around your apartment or in a junk drawer, take it as a sign to create a work station. We love the idea of using a small lucite table (similar to the one seen in this apartment [7]) as a desk. Since it practically disappears, it will seem to take up less space.

Source: Homepolish [8]

The Piece: Extra pillows

How to Rethink It: If you're like us, you probably have one too many pillows! No need to shame yourself, just switch up the room they're in. Bring the pillows from your bed onto your couch and vice versa. It's an easy (not to mention free) way to change the look of a room.

Source: Homepolish [9]

The Piece: Random books

How to Rethink It: Although books are perfectly fine on a coffee table or bookcase, style them on unexpected places like a side table or dresser too. Don't forget to finish with a few accessories like a decorative dish or vase.

Source: Homepolish [10]

The Piece: Toiletries

How to Rethink It: Yes, toiletries can be pretty and left out in the open, depending on how they are displayed. Bathroom storage ideas [11] like putting linens in a pretty basket offer a polished look and more space — win!

Source: Homepolish [12]

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