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Ask Casa: A Corner Bookshelf For My Bedroom?

Hi CasaSugar,

I've been a longtime reader of CasaSugar because I love all things related to home. Unfortunately, I live in Manhattan, which means that unless you can afford a multi-million dollar pad, you're stuck with minimal space and awkward layouts.

I was wondering if you could help me locate something — I'm looking for a bookshelf that fits into a corner (that is also not too small like the ones at Target). I have this awful blank space in my bedroom and I'm hoping that a dark brown wood corner bookshelf would really let me display all of my colorful knickknacks, bringing some life into my otherwise sparse bedroom.

Any recommendations would be greatly appreciated!


To see my suggestions,


Hi Fablawya,

Although decorating in a small space can be a definite challenge, it can also be incredibly satisfying when you create the perfect layout for a home. I agree that using a corner bookshelf could help to breathe life into your small bedroom, especially when mixed with colorful and carefully chosen accents.

While using a bookshelf that fits perfectly into a corner is the most efficient use of space, I think that using a bookshelf that's visually arresting may be a more intriguing option. Try the Soho Bookcase (on sale for $189), or the Umbra U+ Pisa Bookshelf ($500), which are both good options. While they might not sit perfectly in a corner, their clean lines will actually improve the space by adding an unexpected silhouette.

For some other choices, check out the widget below.

Good luck!


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Asche Asche 8 years
You could try this unfinished piece from ikea. It's not the most beautiful piece, but if you're crafty you could def. jazz it up! Here is a link to a redesigned piece from the same line:
aimeeb aimeeb 8 years
I love the last two!
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