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Ask Casa: A Home Security System for My Rental? (Part 2)

Recently Arielb38 wrote to me asking about whether or not a home security system was necessary for her new rental home. You can read the first half of my response here.

To see the rest of my tips, just

  • Are all of your window and door locks in working order? When you move into a rental unit, the landlord should be willing to either change the locks or have the tumblers replaced. If he or she is not, invest the money and do it yourself. Many communities now require rental properties to have deadbolts that can only be opened with a key. Check your local and state rental laws and request that your landlord meet these standards.
  • Additionally, if you live in a sketchy neighborhood, you may want to request that your home has bars installed on ground-floor windows. Though not the prettiest to look at, they do deter theft.
  • Make friends with your neighbors — they are your best allies in keeping your neighborhood safe. Join or consider founding a neighborhood watch organization in your building or on your block.
  • Buy renters insurance! It's cheap (as little as $150 a year) and is a small price to pay if you lose your belongings due to theft or natural disasters, such as a fire or earthquake. Most major insurance companies underwrite renters policies, and many online insurers specialize in providing coverage to renters.
  • If you still need a security system, and your landlord won't work with you to provide one, look into the company Protect America, which recently began offering its wireless GE home security systems with an innovative program that allows renters to take the system and the monitoring service with them when they move.

Good luck with your move, and be safe!

Justin19 Justin19 9 years
Even a simple web cam can do a good job on recording a burglar, not to mention more expensive security systems. I use web cab that can detect motion. It's amazing how burglars strike whenever they see an opportunity. Now, when the vacation time is coming I took an extra step to make my home, and not only car secure. I have purchased a CD with burglar deterrent sounds, which I play every day in my apartment when I leave it for work. And I will play it non stop when I go on vacation. The sound quality is OK, nothing spectacular, but since you are listening to it through the closed door, it works great. Web site is: Another good site is
citrine citrine 9 years
Just a note: renter's insurance may NOT necessarily cover earthquake damage (many insurers have a separate plan altogether for this, which unfortunately can be quite cost prohibitive) so be sure to check!
sugarbecky sugarbecky 9 years
Complex. I just live in the one. Oops!
sugarbecky sugarbecky 9 years
Luckily, my apartment complexes had built-in security systems already in place. The only problem is I've never activated it :( But I've never felt the need to.
MandyJoBo MandyJoBo 9 years
Oops, wasn't done. We have one on our front door of our townhouse and the key is always in it for this reason. That negates the purpose of it in the first place, but it's the most logical thing to do. Also, ADT is reliable and they've been offering a wireless system ($400-600) for a while now!
MandyJoBo MandyJoBo 9 years
Deadbolts that require a key to unlock are a fire hazard.
Lovely_1 Lovely_1 9 years
Yes, I think I should look into rental insurance at some point...
Arielrb38 Arielrb38 9 years
Thanks for the great advice!
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