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Dear Casa,

I purchased a round bed from Ikea about two years ago. My boyfriend and I moved in together shortly after and neither of us wanted to get rid of our own bed. My bed has been sitting in the living room taking up space. We do occasionally let his daughter use it when she sleeps over. Do you have any ideas on how I can make this bed look more like a couch when we have guests over just to hang out? When I purchased the bed the description did say that it can be used as a sofa or couch, but I have no clue where to start aside from getting small throw pillows.


To hear my suggestions,

Hi aaliyah,
What a fun piece of furniture! I'm glad you asked for my advice.

First thing is first: Don't be intimidated by your bed. Have fun with it! You need to start by deciding on the placement of the bed in your living room. If you have enough space, why not center it in the room and surround it with arm chairs? This will create a focal point in the room, and everyone will enjoy hanging out there. If you're low on space, you can place it against a wall, like a traditional couch. In this case, anchor the bed on the wall, by backing it with a folding screen, a ceiling canopy, or some wall panels. Otherwise, it will look unfinished. Since the bed has no back, a folding screen will allow you to prop your accent pillows up, like you would on a traditional couch.

Now comes the accessories. If you can have a simple slipcover made for this round couch, that would be ideal. If not, track down a round fitted sheet that matches your décor (or leave it white). Whatever you do, don't dress this piece like you would your actual bed (no top sheets or standard pillows). Get your hands on a bunch of accent pillows that are similar in color, but different in shape. This will create a cozy look and feel. Then toss on a plush throw that you love. Pile some floor pillows next to the bed to enhance that relaxed feel and allow your friends to lean up against the bed.

You'll also need some cocktail tables placed nearby, or even a curved coffee table that will fit the shape of the bed. Top these tables with coffee-table books, coasters, some candles, etc. — things you'd normally see in a living room. This will really show people that your kooky piece of furniture is not meant for bedroom eyes, but is actually a couch.

And last but not least, use it! If your guests don't see even you using this round couch, they will think it's a bed. So, get comfortable there with a good book, and be sure to ask Casa the next time you experience a decorating dilemma.



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