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Ask Casa: Paint Colors to Match My DwellStudio Bedding

Dear Casa,
I just purchased the Target DwellStudio Regency Bedding ($44.99-$49.99). Now I want to repaint my bedroom to celebrate. The bedding is blue, gray, and hints of brown. Any suggestions?

To hear my suggestions for Maebyfunke,


Hi Maebyfunke,
What a steal! Such a great pattern. You know how I love DwellStudio! I can see why you'd want to "celebrate" with a new paint color. Luckily, the tones in this bedding are really versatile.

I've played around with a few different hues, and I think a soft color would be best. My favorites would be a cool, blueish green or a warm, pale yellow. But you could get a little funkier with a pastel orange or mauve. If you want to go with a dark, masculine color, I think something along the lines of emerald, chocolate, or charcoal would be best. But, I'd recommend painting them in a glossy finish, to give them extra oomph.

Be sure to share photos with our Su Casa group once you've painted!

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aimeeb aimeeb 8 years
I have blue/sea foam green bedding with deep brown accents, grays and so forth very similar to you. I ended up doing Behr "oyster" on my walls and for me it looks great. I ended up getting these killer fabric CB2 shower curtains that I use as curtains that tie in all the colors. Keep me mind lighter will open the room which is what I went with, maybe you could do a slate gray more on the blue side?
maebyfunke maebyfunke 8 years
Thanks for the suggestions - it's between mauve, blue, and yellow (Kimpossible - lavender got a thumbs down from my fiance, sadly). It'll come down to a game time decision at the paint store...I'll be sure to send before and after pics.
Kimpossible Kimpossible 8 years
Good picks! My favorite is the muted lavendar color. Nice bedding maebyfunke!
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