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Hey Casa! I've been racking my brain and the internet looking for ideas for how to turn my childhood bed into an acceptable guest bed. The furniture in the room is nice and looks great — like a dark wood dresser, but this bed frame is awkward. A lot of the ideas I've seen work mostly for square headboards or just the headboard. The issue here is I have to somehow cover the head and the foot, and they're both semi-circles reminiscent of rainbows. Yikes . . .

Let me know if you or other readers may have some ideas! I'm attaching a photo of the frame. We don't want to exchange the headboard for something else since it's holding up the bed, just somehow transform it without changing the structure too much?



To see my suggestions for Nikkeeb,


Hi Nikkeeb,

That is definitely a kid's bed! This is a tough one, so I'll just throw a few different ideas out at you.


Regardless of anything else, the first thing you need to do is paint the bed. I'd recommend silver, bronze, or black.

If the two smaller semicircles are removable, that would make a big difference and instantly eliminate the "rainbow" effect. Can you try to remove them?

If you rearrange the bed lengthwise against the wall, it'll also put less emphasis on the head and footboards as focal points. Then, you can hang a piece of artwork above it to grab attention.

If you leave the bed arranged as is, you can easily hide the rainbow shapes at the head with two big Euro shams. On the other end, you can try to hide it by setting a bench at the foot of the bed, and maybe leaning a couple throw pillows against it.

Hanging a throw over the head and footboards would do wonders in the camouflage department. The circular shape might make it slippery, but I have confidence that you can make it work.

Another idea is to wrap the frame with rope to give it a sort of nautical look. This might require a glue gun, but you can play around with it.

Hope this helps!


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