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Ask Casa: Stylish Bike Storage?

Dear Casa,
I live in LA, and for a while I was working and freelancing from home, so I spent some time decorating and turning the apartment into an enjoyable place to be.

There's just one thing that bothers me. Our living area is great . . . simple and comfortable, but there are two bikes sitting in it! My roommate and I both try to bike instead of drive, so we have to keep our bikes somewhere. But I feel like they're an eyesore. We have plenty of space for them, but they still stick out so much (we don't have outdoor storage options). I was wondering if you had any ideas for disguising them. Room dividers? Screens? I'll pose the question to the home group, but I thought I would ask in case you were in need of a post.


To see my suggestions,


Hi SoCalSugar,

Bikes, while great for exercise and commuting, are definitely a pain to integrate into your living space. However, I think that the photo of the bikes against the brick wall is amazing inspiration, and definitely shows bicycles' potential as sculptural objects.

Why not try the same idea in your own home? While screens are a possibility, getting your bikes off the floor will help to keep your home organized. I also love the idea of highlighting your bike storage area by painting a frame around it, or using wall stickers or stencils to delineate the space. A perfect option for this storage area is the cycloc, a cool, minimalist bike hanging tool that's available in four colors (the black version is made from all-recycled plastic), and that I previously mentioned here.

If you'd rather have something off the wall, try the Botticelli Free Standing Rack, which can hold up to four bicycles. And if screens seem like the best option for your house, I suggest the Shanghai Screen from World Market, which is currently half off.

Good luck!


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