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Hi Casa,
I would really love your help/advice on something. I have a Tommy Hilfiger comforter that I bought freshman year for college; the comforter color is similar to this one shown here. At the time, I was really into bright colors, especially hot pink.
Now, I am entering my junior year at school, about to be 21 and, well, the hot pink seems a little immature to me. Also, I prefer something a little more mellow for my dorm because it essentially doubles as a work space and resting place. I don't really want to spend a lot of money on new bedding because I'll be abroad next semester so the bedding wouldn't be for very long. Do you have any ideas on how I can subdue the color with other things (i.e. room accessories, pillows, frames)? Or any sites that I can look into getting something new in an inexpensive price range?
Thanks for your help!

To hear my response, and see some suggestions,


Hi Gmlgml31,
Thanks for thinking of me! I completely understand where you're coming from. There are a lot of options for you. But let me start off by saying that bright pink needn't look immature — and this is coming from someone who works at Sugar, the pinkest company of all!

A simple way to tone down a bold comforter is to fold a blanket or matelassé in a light color at the base of your bed and then use light and large (try euro size) pillow shams. I'm sure your parents have a basic white blanket somewhere for you. This will cover up some of the bright color, and make it more of an accent color. Then, you'll want to draw the focus away from the bed. Hang a large and bold piece of artwork, a tapestry, or poster above your bed on the wall; this will draw eyes up and away from the bed itself. Or, if your dorm allows it, bring in or DIY a headboard to create a focal point.

Since your dorm room doubles as a work space and a resting place, another great option for you is to curtain off the bed. West Elm sells a Steel Cable System that works as a curtain rod, which you can use to create a canopy effect over your bed. This will also separate your bed from your desk, so it won't be so tempting to hop back into bed when you should be studying for that English final.

Throw some colorful, patterned textiles onto your bed, such as a suzani, à la Selina Lake's Bazaar Style, and your hot pink bedspread will be tame in comparison. Why not check out some local thrift shops, flea markets, and your linen closet at home to see what patterned linens you can bring into the mix?

Probably the simplest solution to your concern, though, is to get a duvet cover! There are plenty of affordable duvet covers out there in the sale sections of some of my favorite retailers, as well as at stores like Ikea, Garnet Hill, and The Company Store. Or, you could stitch a simple duvet cover together with two flat sheets. Here are a few choices for you:

Hope that helps!


Bree982 Bree982 9 years
This is a great idea! I couldn't find anything i liked so Ii made my own now my room really reflects my taste.
ehadams ehadams 9 years
I would get a new cover or duvet that matches, or looks good with, the blue in the sheets and pillows. Then you can mix and match but keep the pillows and sheets.
albeli albeli 9 years
I don't know if she has a Marshall's or TJ Maxx nearby, but they always have nice basic coverlets and duvet covers for really low prices.
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