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Ask Casa: A Web Order Gone Wrong

Hi Casa,
So I did something really dumb and ordered a big piece of furniture online before I saw it. I love the idea of this Contemporary Swivel Mirror, but unfortunately it's made out of incredibly cheap particleboard.

Even more unfortunate, the return policy is draconian, and I'm feeling too lazy to return it. I'm trying to think of a way to make the mirror look at least a little more interesting. One thing I'm thinking of is spray-painting it gold. Do you have any other ideas?
Thanks and Happy New Year!

To hear my suggestions for Zulkey,


Hi Zulkey,
What a bummer! I feel like sometimes web retailers can be really sneaky about listing what their products are made from. I'm sorry!

I wouldn't recommend just painting this mirror unless you're unhappy with the color, because paint alone won't conquer the particleboard problem. I do, however, have some other suggestions for you.

One would be to have four strips of wood cut to match the size and shape of the mirror frame and adhere them as a façade. Either paint them or stain them to finish off the look. Or, you could do the same thing with four strips of mirror, or adhere mirror squares, like the Ikea Lots Mirror. You could also adhere decorative tin ceiling tiles to the face. But, you'll want to take your measurements, as many tend to be quite large. Another thought is to go down to your hardware store and pick up four pieces of decorative wood molding to adhere to the mirror frame with wood glue. You may have to have the shop to cut them to the exact size for you. In this case, you'll definitely want to paint or stain the wood, and a can of gold spray paint might actually work wonders!

Hope that helps! Be sure to add before and after photos to the Su Casa group!

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