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Su Casa member Pretty Little Things got this overstuffed burgundy chenille burgundy chair at a garage sale for only $50. She wants to integrate it into her awesome new apartment, but her "theoretical color scheme involves grays, golds, whites, neutrals, dark wood, no burgundy!" And aside from the color, she also finds the chair bulky. So she asks, "Can someone suggest a nice color palette that would match with burgundy (in keeping with the other colors I had in mind, or something like them) or should I just give up and get a slipcover?"

To hear my suggestions for Pretty Little Things,


Hi there-

Good question!

First of all, is the chair in good condition? If not, I wouldn't invest any money in even a slipcover. While $50 seems like a bargain for a chair, with some more garage sale trolling and Craigslist, I think you can find another used chair in good condition that may eliminate the burgundy issue.

Next, do you mind the shape? Personally, that overstuffed look is not my style, but if you like it, keep it. If you don't like the bulky shape and you're just keeping it because it was cheap, I think you should just sell it. Don't bring anything into your home that you don't love, or that you can't alter (to be loved).


That said, I think it's a good decision to get a slipcover for the chair, or have one made. Your theoretical palette sounds beautiful and I would love to see how you put it all together. While the burgundy wouldn't exactly clash, I think it might stand out as more of an eyesore than anything else. And, if we're talking aesthetics, I've never been a fan of burgundy furnishings, either!

I suggest getting a white or off-white slipcover that's NOT fitted — and even wrinkly if you can find one. I'm thinking of the chairs in Stockholm's Hotel J, which I think are cool and relaxed. This look works really well with overstuffed chairs, and will give yours a modern-meets-shabby-chic vibe.

Hope this helps! Let me know what you decide!



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TAjunkie TAjunkie 7 years
I really like the color and style of that chair. I definitely prefer dark rich colors for a living room, so that would definitely work in my home. If the chair is in good condition, and you like the overall shape, then a slipcover is probably the best idea for you. If you can't get over the bulkiness, you should probably find a new home for it. No sense in having something you hate in your home!
mslewis mslewis 7 years
Well . . . I like burgundy!!! I would have the chair cleaned and work that color around the color scheme. That's what I would do but then, I'm not a "neutral" kind of girl!! And I LOVE overstuffed but no shabby chic.
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