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Ask an Expert: Cheap, Easy Ideas For Winterizing Homes (Part Two)

Recently, I asked Lou Manfredini (better known as "Ace Hardware’s Helpful Hardware Man") for some tips on keeping your homes cozy and efficient during the Winter months. You can read the first two tips here. For more advice, check out these tips.

CasaSugar: Are there any tools that homeowners should have on hand to help with home heating fixes?

Lou: Every homeowner should have a tool box full of these essentials:

  • Screwdrivers
  • Hammer
  • Tape measure
  • Sharp utility knife
  • Pliers

These tools will help not only with home heating fixes, but many other household projects as well.

To find out what you should do to your exterior doors,


CasaSugar: What type of fixes should homeowners make on exterior doors?

Lou: First close the door and make sure that no daylight or air is coming through. If there is, you might want to consider purchasing a new door as this is an easy way to boost your energy savings. Also, apply some powdered graphite lubricant in the locks to ensure easy operation in the winter months. If your door is structurally sound, but looking a little shabby, consider sanding it down, priming it and applying a new coat of exterior acrylic paint to the door. Consider using a bright color paint to change the look.

CasaSugar: What parts of the home are most susceptible to heating losses? Is there anything relatively easy homeowners can do to prevent these heating losses?

Lou: Windows and doors, even if they are brand new, are the greatest areas of energy loss in the home. In addition to weather stripping these areas, you can let your window treatments help a bit. In the daytime, leave the drapes and window treatments open to allow the sun to help heat your home. When it gets dark, close the drapes to add a layer of protection and assist in keeping the warm air in your home longer.


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