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Assisted Living: Is a Cream Bedroom Boring?

Here's a question from CasaSugar Community member GrayC25 from the Assisted Living group:

"My husband and I are getting ready to close on a new house. We've tried to pick out paint colors, and we have decided on a really pretty, warm cream color for the master. In our previous home, I had painted the master bedroom a dark mocha color. Not chocolate but not tan either. It was a dark color but not so dark that it was too much.

Now that we are moving into our new home, I wanted to try something different. Our bedding is an ivory duvet with orange, green, red, and chocolate brown flowers/branches in it, chocolate brown sheets, a chocolate brown blanket, and chocolate brown bed skirt. We also have Summer bedding that includes ivory sheets/blanket and an ice blue coverlet. We have two windows in the bedroom, and our king size bed will probably have to go under one of them. I thought I could add color to the room by hanging up chocolate brown curtains on both windows. Obviously, pictures and wall art will add color to the room, as well. I also hope to get some new bedroom furniture in the near future, and I have always been partial to warm colors, such as dark brown and espresso. Will these touches from our bedding, curtains, art, furniture help to make the bedroom color not so boring? I'm just afraid that I won't like the cream and will have to redo the entire thing. Are there any ideas out there?"

To read my response for GrayC25, continue reading!

Hi GrayC25,

How exciting that you have a new home to decorate!

I'm going to be honest with you . . . my answer to your question is yes, a cream bedroom is boring! One of the biggest mistakes I see time and again is that people use cream, beige, brown, espresso, etc., because they don't have a firm grasp of color theory and are afraid to use nonneutrals.


Your bedroom sounds beautiful, especially your duvet! The first thing I would recommend is to refrain from adding any more chocolate brown — that means curtains! Since your bedding features mostly warm colors already, you should balance those hues with cool colors. If you look on the color wheel, you'll see the colors that complement your oranges, reds, and chocolate browns (in your duvet and bedding) are those colors in light and dark greens and a light, almost turquoise-y blue. Since you already have some green in your duvet, I'd recommend using a soft shade of that green for your walls. Since you have an ice blue coverlet for Summer, pick up that hue or a similar one for your curtains — assuming it complements the green walls.

Hope that helps! Be fearless!

Do you have any decorating dilemmas of your own? Be sure to share your questions in the Assisted Living group!

Join The Conversation
SmeeLikey SmeeLikey 6 years
What about doing the walls in cream but addressing the ceiling with some color? An icy blue could be subtle but add something unexpected. You could find a cool blue boudoir pillow to throw on for a pop of color on your fall/winter bedding too. I agree on nixing the chocolate curtains if you go with cream though . .
Rosay77 Rosay77 6 years
I rather like cream. I find it to be soothing.
LiliesandBiscuits LiliesandBiscuits 6 years
I don't think a cream bedroom has to be boring, but I don't think brown curtains would help all that much. I would either change the room color (I also love gray, but green or blue would be good too, and soothing), or go with really rich colored curtains, like orange. That would wake you up in the morning!
g-louise g-louise 6 years
I love a really light slate gray color. It goes pefect with any color scheme and will be transitional from darker colors to light summer colors. It keeps your room from being cookie cutter beige, but won't clash with your rich colors you are going use.
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